Javascript library

HTML5 framework

Zino UI Framework

jQuery Charts library

jQuery Charts library

  • Cross browser
  • Rich and easy to use API
  • 15+ chart types
  • SVG and Canvas renderers
jQuery Chart Maps

jQuery Chart Maps

  • Geo data visualization
  • Interactive maps
  • 238 countries
  • SVG renderer
  • Live editor
HTML5 Canvas library

HTML5 Canvas library

  • Cross browser
  • Rich and easy to use API
  • Large set of examples
  • All basic shapes
  • Library agnostic
HTML5 SVG library

HTML5 SVG library

  • Cross browser
  • Rich and easy to use API
  • Large set of examples
  • Modern graphing tool
  • Library agnostic
PHP Server Helpers

PHP Server wrappers

  • OOP architecture
  • PHP5 compatible
  • Chainable API
  • Code samples

jQuery components library

Zino UI is jQuery based, WAI-ARIA compatible, user interface framework consist of 25+ different components. Cross-platform user interface framework for you Web & Enterprise applications. A delightful addition to your CMS, Back-end and Front-end interfaces. Zino UI is brought by programmers for programmers and designers.

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What's new in Zino UI 1.5?

Zino UI 1.5 major release introduce Chart Maps plugin - a javascript widget for drawing SVG country maps. In addition, we add few enhancements to the chart plugin like replacing SMIL with CSS animations. Want to know more about latest changes? Check out the 1.5 release notes.

Why Zino UI?

  • WAI-ARIA accessible
  • jQuery compatible
  • Full featured API
  • Supported by all major browsers
  • Complete documentation
  • 25+ jQuery components
  • Themable widgets

Cross Platform Browser Compatibility

Zino UI supports all major web browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Safari 5+
  • Chrome 12+
  • Opera 11+

Complete set of UI components

Zino UI has 25+ modern jquery compatible widgets, some of which are Menu, Tabs, Slideshow, Rating, Calendar, Tooltip, Overlay, Accordion, TreeView, and many more. Zino UI has great form controls such as ComboBox, SelectBox, CheckBox, Radio button, Spinner and Button. All components are designed and built on best practices and employ advanced javascript technics.

Web Standards Compliant

Zino UI utilizes HTML5 features and graceful fallback if they are not supported. Zino UI adopts various W3C recommendations as like as WAI-ARIA, SVG, and HTML5 Canvas.

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