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Posted on: November 18, 2018 by Dimitar Ivanov

In a previous post I've made a review of VEVS, a promising website builder. Recently, the VEVS team launched an affiliate and reseller programs. In this article I will introduce you the VEVS partnership programs.

Why to choose VEVS partnership programs?

  • popular niche that sell
  • attractive product
  • multiple programs
  • FREE promotional resources
  • clear revenue model
  • no conditions
  • quick & easy profits
  • helpful dashboard
How it works
Figure 1. How it works

VEVS Partnership programs

Affiliate Program

  • Revenue model - drive traffic, earns $96/y per client.
  • Why to choose - an opportunity for passive income.

White-Label Reseller

  • Revenue model - earns for selling VEVS products under your own brand on price you define.
  • Why to choose - an opportunity to grow your own business.

VEVS Reseller

  • Revenue model - earn 20% commission for resell of VEVS products.
  • Why to choose - adds value to established business.
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What should you know

Who can join?
It doesn't really matter where you are (US, Europe, etc.) or what's your job (blogger, webmaster, developer, site-owner, etc.). VEVS accepts everyone.
What does it cost to join?
Absolutely nothing! Joining VEVS partnership programs is FREE for everyone.
How to promote?
Multiple resources are available that can helps you with promoting VEVS Website Builder.
  • Trial creation - a form that creates trial website.
  • Reseller website - a FREE, ready to use reseller website.
  • Banners - graphic banners with VEVS logo.
  • Affiliate links - simple text links.
VEVS Affiliate Banners
Figure 2. VEVS Affiliate Banners
How to track sales?
It's easy to track your sales using the helpful dashboard in your VEVS account.
How to get paid?
Monthly commission fees are paid via PayPal, Western Union, and Wire transfer.
VEVS Affiliate Payments
Figure 3. VEVS Affiliate Payments


VEVS partnership provides attractive affiliate and reseller programs that works for everyone. No matter if you are looking for a way to monetize your website, to grow your business, or to help your customers to create business website, these programs deserves a try. Apply now and become a VEVS partner.

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