VEVS Website Builder Review

Posted on: June 23, 2018 by Dimitar Ivanov

VEVS Website Builder is a software as a service (SaaS) that not only creates a website but manages a business. The integrated business software makes this service unique in the world of website builders and gives them a leadership position in the niche. This review aims to present the most notable features of VEVS Website Builder.

VEVS Website Builder
Figure 1. VEVS Website Builder

Website Editor

An intuitive inline-editing allows a user to modify text, replace images, change icons, and manage meta tags. And all changes are applied instantly. In addition to this, a free logo generator is available.

Website Builder Editor
Figure 2. Website Builder Editor

Business Software

One of the best features of VEVS Website Builder is the integrated business software that covers various industries as like as:

  • Car Rental
  • Car Dealer
  • Car Parking
  • Shuttle & Taxi
  • Vacation Rental
  • Holiday Property
  • Hotel
  • Job Portal
  • Meeting Room
  • Real Estate
  • Yacht & Boat
  • Bus Schedule

Self-employed individuals can run their practices using a professional software for:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Doctor
  • Consultant
  • Artist
  • Teacher
  • Massagist
  • Pet Sitter
  • Hair & Beauty Stylist

With the built-in business software, you can start accepting online payments in no time using the most popular payment platforms.

Website Builder Payments
Figure 3. Website Builder Payment Gateways

Web Apps

VEVS Website Builder offers a bunch of web applications that can be easily integrated into the website per request.

Responsive design

Websites built with VEVS Website Builder are following the Responsive Web Design principle and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. The backend of the Builder itself is a responsive too and works well on devices with different screen size.

Website Builder Responsive Design
Figure 4. Website Builder Responsive Design


All websites built with VEVS Website Editor includes 10 different color themes. This makes extremely easy to adjust website theme to suit-up with your company colors.

Website Builder Themes
Figure 5. Website Builder Themes


VEVS Website Editor has 5 different templates included with each website. The same text and images content presented in different ways. A preview function allows you to see how your content will fit with a chosen template. Switching between templates is not limited and you can do it at any time.

Website Builder Templates
Figure 6. Website Builder Templates

Image Management

VEVS Website Editor has advanced image manager with multiple features like drag & drop upload, image crop, intelligent resize, rotation, free stock images search engine, watermarks, adjusting brightness and contrast, and few other filters. The images are organized in a grid with features like filtering, sorting, and pagination for a easier navigation.

Website Builder Image Management
Figure 7. Website Builder Image Management

Multilingual support

Having a multilingual website was never been easier than with VEVS Website Builder. You can add as many languages as you need. That makes possible to manage your text content in different languages.

Website Builder Multilingual Support
Figure 8. Website Builder Multilingual Support
Website Builder Content Translation
Figure 9. Website Builder Content Translation

User Management

VEVS Website Builder supports 2 different user roles - a Super User with unlimited access to the system and a Regular User with a bit more restricted access. You can add as many users as you want.

Website Builder User Management
Figure 10. Website Builder User Management

SEO & Performance

We all know how important is SEO for a website and this site builder delivers a set of tools that boost website online visibility. The use of these tools makes easy the management of page meta tags, robots.txt, XML sitemap, and navigation links.

Websites built with VEVS Website Builder are well optimized for speed which besides a great user experience, is a positive signal for search engines.


VEVS Website Builder offers few subscription plans paid on a monthly or yearly basis. A free trial period allows you to test the builder and get to know if it fits your needs. No credit card is required! Commercial plans are offered at flexible prices. Oh yeah, a free plan is available too.


The above set of features including integrated business software brings VEVS to a higher level and ranks among the best website builders. A must try, especially for business-oriented site owners.

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