API Documentation


Themable, WAI-ARIA accessible javascript accordion with mouse and keyboard interactions for navigation. For examples, check out Accordion demo page.


Key Type Required Description
active number No Zero-indexed number for the active element. Set to false to display none at start. Needs collapsible: true. Defaults to 0
collapsible boolean No Whether all the sections can be closed at once. Allows collapsing the active section by the triggering event (click is the default). Defaults to false
header string No Selector for the header element. Defaults to h3


Method Arguments Description
activate .zinoAccordion("activate", index) Activate a content part of the Accordion programmatically. The index is a zero-indexed number to match the position of the header to close.
destroy .zinoAccordion("destroy") Remove the accordion functionality completely. This will return the element back to its pre-init state.
option .zinoAccordion("option", optionName, [value]) Get or set any accordion option. If no value is specified, will act as a getter.
option .zinoAccordion("option", options) Set multiple accordion options at once by providing an options object.


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