API Documentation


Themable javascript rating control. This widget convert select tag into voting system, also supports HTML5 input type range tag. For examples, check out Rating demo page.


Key Type Required Description
items array No Defaults to empty array: []
disabled boolean No Defaults to false


Method Arguments Description
destroy .zinoRating("destroy") Removes the rating functionality completely. This will return the element back to its pre-init state.
disable .zinoRating("disable") Disables the rating.
enable .zinoRating("enable") Enables the rating.
blur .zinoRating("blur") Programmatically blur all rating options.
focus .zinoRating("focus", element) Programmatically set focus of given rating option.
select .zinoRating("select", element) Programmatically selects rating option.


Event Arguments Description
create event, ui Triggered when rating widget attempts to create.
blur event, ui Triggered when rating option lost focus.
focus event, ui Triggered when rating option gain focus.
select event, ui Triggered when the user selects rating option.