API Documentation


Themable, WAI-ARIA accessible javascript spinner with mouse and keyboard interactions for navigation. For examples, check out Spinner demo page.


Key Type Required Description
align string No Possible values are: left, right. Defaults to: right
decimals numeric No Defaults to 2
disabled boolean No Defaults to false. Disables the spinner if set to true.
max numeric No Defaults to 100
min numeric No Defaults to 0
step numeric No Defaults to 1


Method Arguments Description
destroy .zinoSpinner("destroy") Removes the spinner functionality completely. This will return the element back to its pre-init state.
enable .zinoSpinner("enable") Enables the spinner.
disable .zinoSpinner("disable") Disables the spinner.
increase .zinoSpinner("increase") Increments the value with a single step.
decrease .zinoSpinner("decrease") Decrements the value with a single step.
value .zinoSpinner("value", value) Set value to the spinner.


Event Arguments Description
change event, ui Triggered when the value of the spinner has changed.
create event, ui Triggered when the spinner is created.