CSP Hash Generator

When I need a CSP Hash?

If you are already implemented the Content-Security-Policy header and want to use inline scripts and/or styles but don't want to use the 'unsafe-inline' directive. Then probably you will see a similar error in DevTools console.

CSP script-src

What's a CSP Hash?

It's a string composed of two parts connected by a dash with each other - the cryptographic algorithm used to create the hash value (message digest) and base64-encoded hash of a script or style.

How to generate a CSP Hash?

To generate a CSP hash with PHP use the following code snippet:

$data "console.log('Hello World');"# This is your inline JS/CSS without the <script>/<style> tags
$data preg_replace('/\r\n/''\n'$data);
$base64 base64_encode(hash($algo$datatrue));
# sha256-4saCEHt0PuLiuYPF+oVKJcY5vrrl+WqXYIoq3HAH4vg=

Where to use CSP hashes?

Append this hash to the script-src or style-src directives of your Content-Security-Policy header. This is how to send an HTTP response header:

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